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(You may copy, paste, reduce and place in glove compartments of all of your vehicles along with registration papers and proof of insurance if you would like).

• Call 911 to notify police and obtain any medical attention needed.

• If you do not need immediate medical attention, don’t move vehicles unless notified by police. If vehicles need to be moved for safety reasons, take pictures of vehicles after impact (include pictures of damages to both vehicles) with your camera on your phone.

• If the police ask for a written report. Tell them that you do not feel like giving one “at this time,” as you might be shaken up and not at your best.

• Do not admit fault (even if you think you are at fault). This admission can be used against you. Discuss accident only with police, YOUR insurance company, medical providers, family and your lawyer.

• Write down pertinent facts (see space below):

     a. Names and addresses of all persons involved:



     (drivers, owners, witnesses, injured parties, etc.)

     b. Date, time and location of accident.


     c. License plate numbers of all involved vehicles.


     d. Insurance information on all involved vehicles.


• Seek medical attention by ambulance or private vehicle if you are injured. When being treated report accurately what specific part of your body was injured. Give an accurate history. (Note that because of the epinephrine rush and anxiousness, injuries may not manifest itself for hours or days). If asked if you are injured at the scene, and at the time you may not see or feel any apparent injuries, say “not that I can determine at this time.”

• If the police give you an accident report number, write it here #__________________.

• At a later time at home, write a brief statement of the facts of the accident, how the accident happened and pertinent details. Do not give to anybody but your insurance company or your lawyer. Once given to your lawyer it becomes “privileged” and cannot be given to anyone else without your permission.

• Do not discuss the accident with the other drivers insurance adjuster, refer them to your attorney. Do not give a recorded statement AND do not sign anything.

• Contact your insurance company to report the accident. ph. #__________________________________________

• Call your lawyer. ph. #________________________________________________

• Keep receipts of medical, prescription, towing and property damage costs.

• Document lost wage information at a later time. A statement by your employer on their letterhead will suffice. Your lawyer can help with this.

• Start keeping a daily journal regarding your injuries, pain level, sleep patterns and your ability or inability to do certain things.

Disclaimer: This “Note” is for educational purposes only and does not create an attorney/client relationship. For more information contact an attorney in your jurisdiction.

Courtesy: LeBaron Law Offices: 801.756.6288